Production Equipment
  • Abrator
  • Elliptical tube automatic machine
  • Numerical control punch
  • Punching machine
  • Tube expanding machine
  • Tube sheet automatic welding machine
Facility Modle QTY Function of guarantee process quality
Steel aluminum composite pipe mill SM-120 8 set Special equipment for rolling aluminum fin
Special numerical control punching machine VT
5 set Tube plate and shell plate full automatic punching machine;
Tube expanding machine SZJ-1 2 set  
Coil straightening cutting machine BZO 1 set Special equipment for surface cooling device
Folding machine DS1604OK(AS) 1 set  
Hydraulic pipe bender SB-38NC 2 set Copper tube straightening and cutting equipment
Tube sheet automatic welding machine PTIS/TIG 2 set  
CNC hydraulic shearing machine QC12Y-6Y4000 2 set Shell NC folding
All kinds of DC welding machine YD-400AT 45 set All kinds of elbow forming special equipment
Elliptical tube automatic machine ZX-JG21-100T 1 set  
Numerical control punch VT-300 1 set Cooling tube and tube sheet automatic argon arc welding
Shot peening equipment Q0612 1 set  
CNC gantry cutting machine CNCSG-4000 1 set Numerical control equipment for sheet metal blanking
Air pressure device W-0530 2 set  
Electric pressure test pump 4DSY-1-40/25 1 set Welding equipment for gas shielded welding, argon arc welding and arc welding

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